Friday, September 18, 2009

To Dog Hell and Back...

The sky turned dark as night and you could hear thunder on the horizon as I carried Maggie out to my car as I held her leash.  Was it an omen? She thought we were going for a walk at first until I picked her up.  I was cranking up my car when mom pulled up.  Maggie was cowering in the floorboard.  She knew immediately where we were going. 

"I am going with you," mom said. "You need some help."

"Thank you," I sighed with relief.

We didn't have to wait long in the lobby.  Dr. Thomas welcomed us back to an examination room.  Dr. Thomas is the quintessential Southern gentleman.  He talks with one of the heaviest Southern drawls you have ever heard.  Think Lewis Grizzard.

I sat Maggie on the examination table and mom held her.  The vet tech. pulled out a plastic rod that looked like a giant sewing needle. She was taking a feces sample to check for parasites.  Well, Maggie peed all over the table and mom's arm.  It was the third time I have ever seen her use the bathroom.  She is so secretive about it.

We're home now.  Maggie is sulking and laying on the bed.  She's exhausted mentally. I am just glad that is over and only comes once a year.      


geelizzie said...

oh, poor Maggie. My cats always look so embarrassed when they are at the vet and get their temp taken, never mind the fecal sample. I wouldn't want that shoved up my bottom, either!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Rascal and Dixie (Rat Terriers) are about the same. They love the car ride, though. Heads out the back windows, tongues and ears flapping in the wind! They greet the doctor with kisses and little tails wagging. Then come the samples and the shots. They both drop their heads and look like they are on the way to the gallows!

By the time we're back in the car, though - they've forgotten all about it, heads are back out the windows and tongues and ears are flapping once again! Thank goodness for short term memory loss!


(M)ary said...

oh! the plastic rod! no, no, not that. poor Maggie.

KathyA said...

Poor Maggie! Vet visits just got too traumatic for our cat. The vet now comes to us. It's a relief!