Saturday, September 26, 2009

She's a Little Dog that Thinks She's Big...

Maggie's been busy this afternoon.  We've had tons of pedestrians and she has barked until she's almost hoarse.  She will see someone walk by the house on the watch tower that is the back of the couch and will scramble to get out the dog door to go bark.  She doesn't bark at the Asian family, though.  I think it's the child in the stroller that makes her hold back.  She thinks she's a big dog and dutiful royal protector of me, the house, and the car. That Christmas night my car got stolen she was barking up a storm and I was too sleepy to get up.  Boy, did I learn my lesson.

Maggie may be small, but she's not a lap dog.  I would say she's middlin' in size.  It always kills me when she will jump up into George's and mom's laps when they come over.  She's definitely a lap full.   These are the only two people she will do that to.  She would never jump up into my, Charlie's, or dad's laps.  George will say as he puts Maggie on the floor, "Why does this damn dog like me so much?  I've never even petted her."  I always die laughing.  He also gets so aggravated cause it always makes him spill his beer (beer's precious, you know) and I have to run and get a paper towel out of the kitchen.    

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KathyA said...

Maggie, like you, sees the good in people.