Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Days, They're Here...

This morning started with me running over my grandmother's recipe for pimento cheese sandwiches to George's mom.  Mrs. Jones was busy in the kitchen watching the stove as some biscuits baked. She gave me a piece of sublime bacon to eat and I headed back home.

Dad picked me up at ten.  Amazingly, it is becoming hard to find a Hardee's around here in the South.  They have the best breakfast biscuits.  We found one in Columbus and gorged ourselves on steak biscuits and diet cokes.

Good news!  I am discharged from physical therapy.  Not feeling well lately turning getting to physical therapy a thrice of the week ordeal.  That, and I hated the damned exercise bicycle they wanted me to ride every morning.

I am home now just enjoying a peaceful mind.  You really appreciate the good days.  I now know how a crack addict felt when getting high on crack.  Life mentally well is addicting. 

Through all I've been through these past few weeks, Maggie still gets her daily walk.  She was strutting her stuff this afternoon as we paraded through the neighborhood.   There were also the mandatory stops at the fences of various dogs in the neighborhood.  Your standard sniffing each other through the fence type stuff went on.       


(M)ary said...

there is a Hardee's on the way to work for me and i love their breakfast food! (since i am an on again off again vegetarian, i only stop at hardees during the meat eating phases.) they have a new fried bologna breakfast sandwich.

justLacey said...

Popeye's chicken has the best biscuits I ever tasted. have you got them there?
So happy to see you are feeling better. Maybe you were just missing us;)

impromptublogger said...

Congrats on being discharged from PT. Keep enjoying your new "addiction".

Love and hugs.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Aren't we glad that it is NOT a custom for humans to immediately run up and sniff each others butts!

Fuzzy four leggers are lots of fun but that's one thing I could live without!

Glad you're still strolling with your companion . . . she enjoys that so much!

Take care of you,