Sunday, September 20, 2009


I told George over the phone earlier about my bout with racism today.

"Aw shit," George replied. "See? There is a difference between black people and niggas.  Niggas will steal yo shit in a heartbeat.  I would be suspicious too!  That son of a bitch would be a nigga if he didn't have a car or had a stolen one.  Niggas love to talk on cellphones, too.  Always scheming and shit.  Trying to steal yo valuables."

I laughed.  I shouldn't have, but it struck me as funny.  George can be so candid with me sometimes.  It can surprise me.  And he can get away with saying stuff like that being a black man.   I feel better, but it still worried me. 

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Leann said...

We all have our bouts with racism Andrew. And truth be told, there are white 'Nigga's' also.