Wednesday, September 30, 2009

George Does a Good Deed...

Picture this!  George and I were coming back from Wal-Mart. George was talking excitedly while he drove like he normally does.  We were just passing Aaron's Rent-A-Center when George spotted this elderly black lady with heavy looking bags walking on the side of highway 29.

"We're going to give her a ride if she will take it," George said.

She wasn't your average looking hitch hiker.  George pulled over in front of her and she came hurrying up to the car.

"Where ya goin'?" George asked.

"Shawmut," the lady said. "To my daughter's house."

"Get in!" George said smiling and we took off.

The lady just talked and talked as we rode the short distance up the highway to Shawmut.  She directed us to her daughter's house and handed George five dollars for his efforts.

"That's all I can afford," she told George standing by the car.

"Black people take care of their own," George told her and we left.

I was proud of George.  George might have problems, but he has a good heart.  A very good heart.  He must get it from his mother because what George has said of his father wasn't very flattering.

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Karen said...

What a nice thing to do.
Like the new blog look!