Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flooding Eminent...

If you've watched The Weather Channel lately then you know of the flooding in Atlanta and outlying areas. Their gross sensationalism of the whole ordeal greatly alarmed me and disgusted me.  Well, water travels downhill and the Chattahoochee is now flooding West Point, GA. which is our sister city.  The water is already up to the steps of the fire station and 911 center downtown.   Flood stage for the Chattahoochee is 17 feet and the river is at 19.6 feet as of this afternoon.   The water is not expected to recede until Sunday night.  Lanett AL., my hometown, sits on a high bluff above West Point so we are safe.  Let's hope the National Weather Service is grossly exaggerating the expected flood levels like they normally do.  It's the ones they don't predict that are always the worst. 



how very true.. I do hope that they are prepared and exaggerated.

Keep us posted! (and be careful if you decide to go out and take pics, okay?)


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hey Andrew!

Yes, the media can get carried away, but those pictures of 6 Flags sure looked pretty bad!

I hope the Chattahoochie doesn't grow too fast to control a little.

I agree with Crusty . . . if you decide to give us pictures, do be careful - Don't want to hear about you doing more knee damage to get "the perfect shot"!


KathyA said...

My brother who lives outside Atlanta has been up to his schnutz in water since Monday. Many of the roads around his home were impassable and Lake Lanier is now up 2 more feet than it was last week.