Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Brighter Day will Come...

It continues to rain buckets here with rain predicted through next week.  You know me.  I love the weather, but this is growing old.  Don't worry.  I asked for it - praying to the weather gods for adverse and inclement weather.  They responded with a continuing deluge, flash flood warnings, and dreary, dark skies.    

A petite Asian family walks by my house everyday.  Today, they had their black umbrellas and the little daughter looked so cute.  Strangely, the mother kept pacing back and forth in front of my house as she talked very animatedly on her cell phone.  I felt badly.  If it would have been a black man, I would have been suspicious.  At least, I can see my own failings and can do something about them.   

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and your honesty is what have always impressed me the most about you--well, that and your calming voice.
Have a good Sunday, rain or shine!