Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And There was Mom...

Every Monday evening mom brings me and Maggie a sack of hamburgers.  This comes after her afternoon spent with the ladies of the local Catholic Church.   Despite her busy day of permanents, gossiping church ladies, and a visit to the Mexican restaurant, she can still ask me a hundred questions - inquisitive soul she is.

"Are you still driving on fumes?" she asked last night about my car.

"I haven't had a chance to get any gas," I told her stretching the truth.  "I've gone 68 miles on empty.  That shows you how conservative those gas gauges are."

This drives mom crazy!  Mom won't let her car get below a half tank of gas.  Dad has an account for the drug store with a local gas station.  It is one of the last stations in town with full service.  Mom will often pull in and let them fill up her car as she sits and stares out the windshield.  

"You're gonna run out of gas and you'll be in trouble," she said. "You are going to be walking everywhere soon."

Mom handed me twenty dollars and told me to go then and fill it up.  My hamburgers were getting cold and Maggie was squealing for her's.  I said I would, sat down to eat my hamburgers after mom left, and forgot to go get gas.  The story of my life.  


KathyA said...

Go get gas!! (If you haven't already from the hamburgers :) ).

Moohaa said...

I have done that so many times! Roger gives me money for something and I forget to do it. Stupid memory..

(M)ary said...

how much does gas cost per gallon down there? i bet its below the national average there....i would think. its 2.45 per gallon in my part of the midwest.