Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Say No...

George bought a new air conditioning compressor today.  He wanted me to help put it on on a day that was going to be the hottest day of the year so far.  That wasn't the only reason I said no.

"I'm scared of the high pressure lines in a car's air conditioner," I told George. "I am always afraid I am going to blow my face off."

"Pussy!" George replied. "Let me go see if I can get this thing on."

This morning I arrived at mom and dad's when Helen arrived.

"Baby?  Why will your momma only let you have 6 cokes at a time?" Helen asked.

"She says I will drink too many of them and I will," I told her. "I have little to no self control."

It was kind of embarrassing to talk about in a way.  Far be it for me to hold back on this blog or in real life, though.

The local ice cream truck has new competition now.   A new truck is on the scene and it is shiny and new.   The old one is driving by my house just as I write this.  They still have a generator strapped to the back bumper to power the freezer.  It looks ghetto.  


Leann said...

We all have our addictions Andrew. No shame in admitting them. It's half the battle, as they say.

Bridget said...

This is true. I, too, have my demons. as far as the new truck in the neighborhood, I don't know why I found your last line ("It looked ghetto") funny, but I promptly snorted my coffee all over my keyboard upon reading that. THANK YOU for the much-needed laugh. I have to have a chalazion cyst removed from my eye later today, and you took away some of my anxiety over it.