Saturday, May 2, 2009

This brings me joy...

I have every window and door open in this house and it is a wonderful 78 degrees outside.  I laid on my bed for the longest time with Maggie listening to the birds.

On second thought about my previous post, I shouldn't be so hard on my mother.  She has schizophrenia like me and is on a plethora of psychiatric drugs.  Drugs that will make you very drowsy.   I just wish she would be kinder about the whole affair and ask me to come later or just give all the cokes to me. 


Leann said...

I'm sure it's a challenge Andrew to live life with the ups and downs you and your mother have. Especially trying to stay in 'sync' with each other.

Stay kind my friend.

justLacey said...

Leann is right. It's a complicated balance, but you are both doing well most of the time. You also have to consider that your mom is much older than yo are and that is why the drugs may affect her more.

Marsha said...

I'd bet two months of my paychecks that your dad is drugging her with his own concoction of drugs. He's tried to do it with you!

If you two got out from under his control, I know you'd live a much happier and SAFE life.

He keeps her drugged so he doesn't have to be bothered.

Prove me wrong. Take her to a doctor without him knowing. Have her blood drawn for labs.

Two months pay.