Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom, Me, and Helen...

Mom, Me, and Helen sat at my kitchen table eating supper this afternoon.  Just the usual small talk was occurring.  Afterwards, Helen helped me do the dishes and load my dish washer.  Mom went back to my room to lie down with Maggie.   It was rather pleasant having all these people in the house going about their lives and helping me with mine.

Maggie's walk was this afternoon.  We took a detour over to the basketball courts to watch the kids play awhile.  One little kid ran over.

"Does that dog bite?" he asked.

"She wouldn't harm a flea," I replied.

Maggie got some good lovin'. I was worried how Maggie would react because she has never been around kids much, but she did fine.

This afternoon I spend a few hours trying to get my lawn tractor to start.  I charged the battery.  Put in fresh gas.  It still wouldn't start.  I called dad and he said we are going to get J.W. over here to see about it.  I hope he hurries.  My yard and grass are growing like wildfire.    


Kathy said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon. What's a JW?

(M)ary said...

No kidding. I will be spending today mowing and picking dandelions. If the grass grows any higher my beagle will get lost in it while he is doing his business.