Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travels With Tim...

Tim picked me up at lunch.  We had our customary talk about ice hockey on the way down through the valley.

"I really appreciate you doing this," I told him. "Getting this injection isn't any fun and I trust you."

"Thank you," Tim said.

"Dad speaks highly of you as an employee as well," I then told Tim.

"I love my job," he told me. "It is good to hear that."

My usual nurse has been out since Christmas with a newborn.  I was so glad to see her beautiful face again adorned in her nurses' scrubs.  She gave me my injection and I was soon headed back up the road in the company van to home.  I always thank my lucky stars when I can make it through such an ordeal without having an anxiety attack.

Tomorrow is blood work at the hospital.  Dad is picking me up at 8 AM.  I don't know why they won't just let me drive myself.  I guess dad fears I won't go. 


Leann said...

It's always nice to see a familiar face.

josie2shoes said...

Isn't is great how just one smiling face can make the unpleasant things seem so much easier? I'm glad your nurse is back, and that you had Tim's company for the journey. Hoping tomorrow goes well too.

Kathy said...

Nice of Tim to go along with you. Good luck tomorrow!

Lena said...

Good luck today!

princessoctober said...

Seeing a smiling face even in the midst of an oncoming anxiety attack seems to set you at ease a little.