Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy Body...

Mom sent Helen to my house with banana sandwiches and chips at  noon.  Today is grocery day and I had exhausted all my food. 

"She's gone to get your groceries now," Helen said. "And I am so glad to be off work."

"Your house is clean, baby," Helen then said as we sat down in my den.

"I was a whirlwind yesterday cleaning everything," I replied.

"What makes your momma sleep so much?" Helen then asked surprising me.

"It is her medicine for her mental illness," I replied. "It makes her very sleepy and groggy."

"Ah," Helen said. "I didn't know that."

We then talked about what I wanted for lunch tomorrow.

"Surprise me," I told her. "Helen, you could cook a dishrag and it would taste good."

Helen finally left and I was sad to see her go.  The company was nice for a moment there.  Now, to wait on mom and my groceries.  I have my heart set on a piece of chocolate creme pie.  


Leann said...

Oh chocolate creme pie!!!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Instead of being a busy body, could she truely be interested and care? Or - maybe it is curiosity?

I prefer to think Helen cares about y'all . . . .

Now you've got me wanting that pie, too!


happyone said...

I love having all the cabinets well stocked after shopping!! :-) I wouldn't mind having a piece of that chocolate creme pie either!1

forsythia said...

Don't be surprised if folks start showing up at your place for dessert. Speaking of dishrags, I know of a dog that swallowed an uncooked one once. His owner happened to be up at 3 AM and saw him sniffing a damp rag with interest. Before she could get to him, he wolfed it down. Re$sult: a big fat vet bill for $urgery to remove rag.

Summer said...

I love banana sandwiches!