Monday, April 6, 2009

$3 dollars richer...

George was back at work this morning.  I had just been by mom's to get my $3 dollars and my sodas. 

"What did you think of mother's pot roast?" George asked as I sipped on some very hot coffee. 

"I swear your mother is the best Southern cook I have ever encountered," I replied honestly.  

George just beamed with pride. 

"She loves you to death," George said.

I still hadn't walked Maggie so I told George goodbye after only one cup of coffee.

"Where have you been???" Maggie seemed to say when I got home.

"It's cold girl," I told her as if she could speak. "You owe me a big favor for us walking in this."

The thing I noticed most on our walk this morning was all the birds calling and singing.  It might have been cold this morning, but it didn't deter the birds.   Catbirds were at every corner defending their territory. 


Leann said...

It is cold here too. There is ice on the car this morning.

I miss southern cooking. I swear my ex's mom was the best cook ever. I'm betting George's mother has her beat tho :-)

Enjoy your Monday Andrew.

Tee said...

She can't be better than Helen!

Andrew said...


It is a close call. Both are equally good at different meals. It is a blessing to eat with both.

josie2shoes said...

It is cold here today too, Andrew, and it was yesterday as well. I am already spoiled by warmer weather and definitely not enjoying it. I was so proud of you for accepting the offer for a meal at George's house. See how very far you've come! :-)

conisong said...

I just love how faithful you have been to walk Maggie. Dogs are the best! They are so good for us.

happyone said...

I always love to hear the birds on my morning walks. Today I saw a red winged black bird!

Judy said...

I sure do enjoy hearing what you have to say. You make every day life interesting.

Kathy said...

Interesting that it's colder in Alabama than it is in Maryland!