Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm a Committed Man...

I took one step outside this morning and wanted to run back to my warm bed.  Maggie was past the point of no return having her leash on. I was committed.

"I thought spring means warm," I said to her as we headed up my driveway.

Maggie's getting better at walking on her leash.  There is less coughing and choking with every trip.  I tried to tell her there is a easier softer way to do this.

We came home and I headed to an early morning AA meeting.  I really didn't want to go, but needed to touch base as they say.  Being an agnostic, a lot of the religiosity of AA is distasteful to me.    I guess that is just the curse I have to bear being raised by an atheist. 

When I arrived back in the Valley, I stopped by mom and dad's to get some sodas.  Mom was guarding the amount I got very closely.

"Here's four," she said returning from the basement.

"Can't I have more?" I asked.

"We need to make these last," she told me.

"Just give me some blankety blank money and let me get some cokes," I wanted to say, acting out.  I didn't say anything though.  I thanked her and drove home.  I am now enjoying my four Diet Dr. Peppers.  Man, they taste good.



do you like them straight from the can or with ice?

Jami said...

Hey, it's OK to say those things in your head ... Probably wise to have held your tongue in check though! :-)

Kathy said...

It's rough sometimes biting our tongues -- but once things are said, you can't take them back. Good for you.