Saturday, March 28, 2009

Developments at Casa de Andrew...

Day two of feeling well started out with more feelings of euphoria.  I almost feel like I am high.  It is intoxicating.

George was having a hissy fit this morning because the anti-lock brake light came on in his car.  The dealership wants $800 to fix it.

"They said I was going to need a new master cylinder," George told me. "I told them to kiss my black ass."

Maggie and I missed our walk this morning.  She woke me up at four, but it was storming outside. "Sorry, girl," I told her.  She went for a car ride instead.  I needed cigarettes and cokes. 

I noticed mom had 5 cartons of my cigarettes in her closet.

"Mom, that is $300 dollars worth of cigarettes," I told her worried. "Did you pay for those?"

"I didn't mind paying for them," mother told me with a smile.

My father rolled his eyes and shook his head. I couldn't help but smile and roll my eyes back.  Dad says my mother is clueless when it comes to money.  I think she does pretty well these days.


becomingkate said...

It's been almost two years since I quit, but still think about them alot.
Hope you have a great weekend Andrew!

Kathy said...

You are really being hit with storms! Stay safe.