Friday, March 6, 2009

Between Chicken Nuggets and Cheap Cigs...

"I can't believe I forgot your chicken nuggets," mom told me looking worried last night. "I also got you cheap cigarettes today and want to trade them back."

"Why?" I asked genuinely interested about the cigs.

"I believe those cheap cigarettes have cheap filters and will give you cancer sooner," mom told me. 

I had to choke back a laugh.  Mom was deadly serious though.  Mom went and got me two cartons of expensive Doral Lights 100's.

"Your mother sure can get things complicated," dad said the other night.  Yes, she can, but I love her to death.   


Kathy said...

Cigarettes with good filters, $25.00; a great mom, priceless!

(M)ary said...

i agree wit your mom on the cigs. you want a good filter!
frankly, i think the filters can kill you! they are full of chemicals. i say buy the tobacco from an organic farmer and roll your cigarettes in unbleached paper.

Leann said...

How about just not smoking at all? hehehehe

Summer said...

Your mom sure does love you. The "baby" always holds a special place in a mom's heart. Hug her extra tight next visit.

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