Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shine on me, sun!

It is a beautiful day today!  Maggie hasn't been inside since the sun came up.  I had a bunch of leftover chicken nuggets this morning.  I gave them to Maggie hoping she would eat them.  What did she do?  She went and buried them one by one in the backyard.  What makes dogs do this?

Early this morning after dad left for work, I drove over to see mom.  We lay on the bed and just talked.  Mom got a brand new HDTV flat screen television in her bedroom and the huge thing just mesmerizes me.  She has never turned it on.  I turned in on and coveted and admired it for awhile. 

"Do you think it is strange I sleep all day and night?" she asked me.

"The p-doc would say you are depressed," I replied of our doctor.

"I like to tell that goober little to nothing," Mom said.

I just burst out laughing.  I hadn't laughed so hard in days.  Goober indeed. 


Summer said...

I can hear her southern accent.

justLacey said...

When I'm depressed I find it hard to sleep.

Jessica said...

Enjoy your sunny day, I know I am! :D

(M)ary said...

Oh. I was asking myself the same question about my dog! He has a new toy which he loves. He tried to bury it in the house in about 3 different places. He settled on hiding it in a closet. Later he unburied it, took the toy outside and buried it in the snow (which has since melted).
He never seems happy with his choice of location as he continually unburies and reburies the toy. Why?

BTW, he would never bury a chicken nugget. He loves food too much to pass up a treat.

Tee said...

I'm like Maggie,I was outside all day. It was wonderful. It is too warm for this time of the year, we are going to pay for this wonderful weather, because winter is not over, yet. :-)

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

Know what happens when you plant chicken nuggets? You get CACKLE BERRIES! (That's what my thoroughly redneck husband calls eggs!)

I'm liking your Mom! Sounds like she's my kind of gal!

Time for the Bud Shootout! Yep, we're NASCAR fans, too! My dad used to build and race NASCAR cars "back in the day" and I've never lost my love for it!

Have a good night!

Grannie in Florida

becomingkate said...

I sleep a lot when I'm depressed. I can hear your mom's accent too.

happyone said...

We are having a weekend of warm sunny days too. Feel soooo good.