Friday, February 27, 2009

Sensitive Sam...

It was about 10 AM this morning when Helen came.  I had been up for hours working on some model railroading projects.  Helen barely said 5 words to me the whole time she was here.  I am so sensitive and thought she was mad at me for some reason.  I should have just asked her. 

I called mom after Helen had left.

"Is something wrong with Helen?" I asked.

"Why?" mom then asked.

"She acted surly to me all morning," I replied. 

"No, silly!" mom said. "It is not you. Helen and her husband are having terrible money problems right now.  She borrowed $40 from me today."

I hated to hear Helen was having problems, but I sighed with relief that it wasn't about me. 

I managed to walk again this morning.  Only one mile, but I plan to add to the mileage as I go.

Brace yourselves!  We have a 60 percent chance of snow tomorrow night and Sunday.  I am already getting excited. 


Jami said...

I would have felt like you, Andrew!

kristi said...

Andrew, I used to share an office with another lady. She would come in some days and talk and talk...but others she would not talk to me all day long. It drove me insane! I would have felt exactly the same as you!

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Summer said...

We sensitive types seem to take everything personally and it's not a bad thing. Just think what we'd be like if we didn't give a damn what Helen was thinking or feeling. I'm sorry to hear she's having trouble. A good soul like Helen should know nothing but happiness in her life.

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

Aw - how sweet of you to be so concerned! Next time Helen is at Moms, go by and give her one of those hugs! She'll appreciate it more than you can imagine. I think you know just how powerful a friendly human touch can be.

Be sure to get some sleep tonight - maybe even a nap tomorrow. Because we're hoping that Saturday night you'll be up really late watching the snow falling!

Grannie in Florida

justLacey said...

Good luck on the snow. My sister is in NC and she is supposed to get quite a bit.