Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Sandman...

I was almost asleep in my mother's Lazy-Boy when I looked up and saw mom picking her nose.

"Mom, that's gross!" I exclaimed.

"I thought you were asleep!" she defended herself.

"Digging for gold? Eh?"

I didn't want to go home.  I had come to get my cokes.  It was going to be a long anxiety filled afternoon waiting on dad to come with my medications. 

"What are you going to do when you get home?" mom asked, almost reading my mind.

"Listen to Coast to Coast AM and watch Tru TV court coverage," I replied.

"Do you still go to AA?" mom asked.

"Seldom," I said. "The meetings in town suck and it is too long a drive to Lagrange. I can't afford the gas."

"Are you out of gas?" mom asked.

This is where a few words could make this get very complicated or simple.  If I say I am out of gas, mom will insist we go get some.  I say no and go home without any worries.  I said no and drove myself on home.  I still have a 1/4 of a tank.  I am already missing mom though.  I am entirely too dependent upon my parents for everything even socialization.  


Kathy said...

Boy, am I glad my kids don't have a blog!

Summer said...

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your parents company. I wish I enjoyed spending time with my mother, but I never have.