Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Long Wait...

Tim and I were talking about the best restaurants in town on the way to get my injection. 

"El Rio," Tim said. "I love their chilies relleno."

"Barne's for me," I replied. "I love their big ribeye cooked medium with a loaded baked potato."

We had to wait a long time at my doctor's office.  Tim read magazines while I fidgeted and watched the fish in the 150 gallon aquarium on the wall.  Tim noticed my agitation about something that usually only takes a few minutes and handed me two of my Klonopin.

"Your daddy said to give them to you in case of an emergency," Tim told me.

Moments later I was pleasantly mellow as Crystal, my nurse, beckoned for me to come back.  She was all perky and chipper today.  Glad to be out of nursing school for the afternoon.  The shot was administered and me and Tim made our way back to my house.  All the while we talked about hockey and the finer merits of the game.


Kathy said...

I hate having to wait at a doctor's office!

impromptublogger said...

It's 4:00 and you're making me hungry! Ack!

Summer said...

I know nothing about hockey except for the stick and the puck. Oh yeah, they score goals. I'm more of a round ball fan. Go Duke!

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

I hate doctors - I hate shots - I love perky nurses! Somehow I find them a little reassuring or something!

Good ol' Dad - bless him for having Tim ready for your every need!

Hope your day was good and you & Maggie have a great night! Gonna be cold here so we're loading up on the blankets!

Granny in Florida