Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gulp Goes a Pill...

I was in my doctor's office bathroom just a moment ago gulping down some Klonopin.  This every two week injection thing makes me nervous, but I feel so much better afterwards.

"Feeling better?" dad asked as I sat back down. "You sure are sweating.  Wipe your brow."

I wanted mom to take me but dad said, "We are not getting into all that shit this morning.  Your mother gets things too complicated."

My nurse is so kind and caring.  She weighed me and took my blood pressure. 

"All good," she said. "And you continue to lose weight."

As me and dad were driving home, we stopped at the newly built McDonald's up the road.  Three egg mcmuffins later we were on our way back to my house.

"I love you son," dad told me.

"I love you more than anything," I told him back.

Now for a quiet day in which I hope I am devoid of any anxiety attacks.  It will take a few hours for my shot to start working. 


I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

Got all kinds of mixed thoughts this afternoon!

So glad to see that you and Dad can still say "I Love You" and know that you each mean it! Sure does prove that you can get irritated with each other and still share that Dad/Son love! Gives me chills!

I hope you fixed poor, starving, unloved Maggie some scrambled eggs, too! Light toast - strawberry jam - no butter, please!

Just watched the weather. Looks like you either just had or are gonna have some rough weather coming through. Hope it's not too bad. Be careful, my friend. (I hope you don't mind me using that term - I do consider you my friend, you know - and I value that.)(Even if you don't talk back.)

Grannie in Florida

Kathy said...

Enjoy your family, Andrew. It's clear they certainly do love you!