Saturday, February 28, 2009

Enter the Burger Zone...

Reality for me today was barely being able to order two cheeseburgers for Maggie and I.  I've been over excited about the weather and it was telling on me late this afternoon.  The cashier rung me up and as she was giving me the change, my shaky hand dropped it and coins went rolling all over the place. 

"I'll help you pick it up," the cute cashier told me.

"Keep the change," I told her with a faux smile and quickly exited.

My hands were shaking so badly I could barely put the keys in my car's ignition once I had made it outside.  I had to sit in the parking lot and breathe deeply to get an anxiety attack under control.  I thought I would never make it home safe.  I made it, though, but I doubt I will be eating cheeseburgers for a long time after that.  The one I bought is sitting on the kitchen counter and getting cold.     


I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

Hi Andrew,

I'm so sorry to hear about the attack today. I had always related mine to some HUGE, major crisis.. .. always connected with something bad .. .. but I've learned something new today.

You really are so anxious for it to snow that it caused that big a reaction! I'm 61 years old - had similar attacks for probably 20 years - and never had connected 'anxiety' with 'being anxious' (like anxiously awaiting something wonderful)!

I guess that's why my oldest brother always said I was living in Flori-DUH!

Feel better - hope things look brighter for you Sunday!

Grannie in Flori-DUH

(M)ary said...

do you know what precipitated the anxiety attack?

is precipitated the correct word...basically, what caused it to begin?

becomingkate said...

I'm sorry to hear about the anxiety. I hope it stays away so that you can enjoy the rest of your weekend.

justLacey said...

Push through, this too shall pass. Don't let your anxiety get you down. Certainly don't waste that cheeseburger, lol.

Kathy said...

Put the cheeseburger in the frige and heat it up when you're feeling better. Your anxiety will pass.
Did you guys get snow?

(M)ary said...

how was the weather last night? i hear on the news that some tornados hit Alabama yesterday. isn't that amazing, thunderstorms and snow?! we had that kind of weather up here a couple weeks ago.

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

I know Maggie and Andrew were watching through the glass,
Waiting to see if their dream would come to pass!

Living in the deep south this is such a rare treat,
Would it happen today? They both sat and tapped their feet!

Wait - did I see one - no, two - WOW, ten! What a show!
Finally, after all of this wait - we have a wonderful SNOW!

LM said...

My friend lives in Guntersville, AL and they, too, are enjoying their first snowfall in a long, long time. Enjoy, Andrew!

Tee said...

Andrew, drive on over here to Georgia--you know where you go to the train shop in Riverdale? Well, you should see it now! This morning before church we throught we heard some thunder, then we had a little sleet. We went on to church and after we were inside, talking to friends it began to snow. Well, we could see outside if we were standing where we normally sit (you know everyone sits the same place every week in church!). Sooooo, I took a walk around the foyer of the church and opened two blinds in the back of the auditorium and we could see exactly what was happening outside. IT WAS SNOWING SOOOO HARD!!!!!! We haven't seen it snow this hard since we went to Yellowstone snowmobiling! There was an inch of snow that fell during church! Our pastor could see what was happening, so he hurried with his sermon. Everyone was so excited. We drove home and crossed Hwy 85 in Riverdale and it was snowing really, really hard. I wish you could have been here to enjoy it!!!!!! Did you get any snow?

Look at you 467 days sober! That is WONDERFUL! Keep up the good work.

If you got snow, PLEASE do a post for us! Now, I must go and do a post about all the snon we have had today. The roads are okay now, but it's right at 33 degrees. That will certainly change in the morning because it's suppose to drop to about 27 degrees. All school children are beside themselves!