Monday, February 16, 2009

Curious George...

I lay on the floor of my den balled up like a fetus in the womb and cried, "Please dear God!  No more house cleaning!"  What followed would be a cigarette and then the thought of doing more terrible chores.  There was a lot more thinking about cleaning than actual cleaning getting done.  I am not very domestic. 

My 4 AM in the morning guest to-be was George.  I went for a morning cup of coffee at Fat's.  George said, "Why didn't you answer your door?"

"Dude! It was freakin' four in the morning," I told him. "You 'bout gave me and Maggie a nervous condition."

"You always used to get up early anyway," George said in his defense. 

He wanted to borrow money.  I had two dollars to my name.  One sure thing about George is then he never fails to pay you back.  I just didn't have any to give him. 

Mom came by this afternoon.  She brings three 20oz Coca-Colas with her when she visits.  I swear those are the best damn cokes I have ever drank.    I can just feel all that caffeine coursing through my veins.  Don't say, "I told you so!" if I have a anxiety attack drinking this stuff.  It is my version of living dangerously. 


(M)ary said...

a friend who always pays back a loan is a friend indeed, and a friend who loans what he has is a good friend too!

i hate housework. hate, hate, hate it...but i do love a fairly clean house. i cleaned this past weekend and i am hoping to maintain the cleanliness instead of letting it go too long and feeling guilty about not cleaning.

C.A. said...

I love my house to be sparkling clean, but HATE the act of making it that way!

I don't answer the door very often even in the light of day, much less at 4 a.m.! George is always full of crazy antics that keep me laughing!

I hope you have a beautiful day, my friend!

Lena said...

No told you so on this end. Hard to give up everything.

happyone said...

I know you will think I'm crazy but I actually enjoy cleaning my house. When I clean, I fly around doing everything at once and somehow in the end it all gets done. It's a good way to use up some calories too! :-)

4 in the morning isn't getting up early. It's getting up in the middle of the night!! :-)

Kathy said...

I like cleaning, too! I'm glad you found out who your 4a.m. 'guest' was! That was scary!

Summer said...

Does caffeine make your anxiety attacks worse?

Chandira said...

4am? Uh, yeah, that's early, I think I'd freak out if my doorbell rang that early.

Being from across the pond, I have a few English friends who occasionally forget I'm 8 hours behind, so at least a 4am phonecall doesn't usually scare me any more.