Sunday, February 1, 2009

Calls from a Jewish Princess...

"You never comment on my blog anymore!" she said after a short perfunctory hello.

"I rarely comment on blogs," I told her. 

I wanted to ask why she called me at 8 AM in the morning.  One of the few forward friends I have found blogging that doesn't dilly dally around the issues with me.  I admire and respect her bluntness.

"I feel unworthy of commenting," I told her feeling odd. "It is almost like I have an insuperiority complex."

She laughed.

"Dufus," she replied. "People love comments.  I live for comments on my blog.  Think of it as public relations for your own blog."

"Okay," I said in response.

"Well, that didn't sound too enthusiastic," she replied. 

I really have been trying to comment more.  I think I wrote ten comments yesterday.  I just read so many blogs.  It would take all day to comment on them all.    


(M)ary said...

Ahhh...commenting is overrated! I have 3-d friends who read my blog and they NEVER comment. It used to hurt my feelings but I got over it when they would comment to me in real life (ha!)...made me realize a real life comment is worth a lot too. Since you have your blog friend's phone number maybe you should call her when you read a post you like and give her a 3-d comment!

With blogging, I go through phases, sometimes I just want to read, no comments, sometimes I crawl around commenting like a fool. Sometimes I just want to write and not read anyone else's blog...I think this whole process works best if we all live and let live. No expectations of comments but gratitude when we get them.

Kathy said...

I must confess that I love getting comments, too. Not that the comments validate me or my writing, (well maybe they do a little), but they make that personal connection. It makes the "conversation" two-way.

becomingkate said...

I love commenting. To me, it's like leaving a calling card. At my old space, we had stats that would tell us who visited, so if someone didn't comment it didn't matter.
Now that all the journalspace refugees have set up camp in blogspot & wordpress, it's more important to say hello. Even though I've installed a stat counter, it doesn't say WHO visited.
Besides, I like comments on my own blog so I must comment on others'. I don't want to be like some people that complain about no one commenting, yet they don't do it themselves.
As for feeling insecure, I even like it when someone just says "hi". I think it's friendly.
Have a good Sunday!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I love getting comments too but must confess I don't always leave them, especially when time is short. Thank you, by the way, for leaving a comment on mine and ENJOY the meat loaf!!

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

Well, dang it - I guess neither of us are gonna get any snow in the next few days! So - get your butt outside for 30 minutes with Maggie and play. It will help the depression, it will help the diet, Maggie will love it and it will give your eyes a little break from Gamecube!

And next time you get on a cleaning binge, let me know. You can come do my place, too!

Grannie in Florida