Monday, February 23, 2009

Auditory Hallucinations...

At first, I couldn't believe they weren't real until I covered my ears and the volume didn't go down.  I keep hearing cicadas and water rushing through pipes.  It will start out muted and crescendo to a dull roar.  I don't go back to see my doctor for months, and I am unsure whether to make a big deal of this or not.  At least they don't last.  It is strange though. 

I went by and got my daily three dollars from mom a moment ago.

"You're going to McDonald's?" mom asked.

"How did you guess?" I replied. "I am getting two sausage biscuits."

Mom gave me two more dollars to get a coffee and some hashbrowns.  That was very nice of her. 

I don't have anything planned for today.  My next visit will be dad at 9:30 tonight with my medications.  Maybe they will chase away these weird noises I am experiencing. 


Leigh Ann said...

Just a thought ... not sure if you've changed any of your medications lately, but maybe it's a reaction to medication, rather than a hallucination? I know some medicine can cause ringing in the ears, which is a little different than what you are describing, but a possibility.

Kathy said...

I'd check with your doctor.

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

I have Pulsatile Tinnitus in one ear most of the time. Sometimes it sounds thunderous or booming, sometimes it sounds like waves on a beach, and sometimes it is more of a high-pitched crackling sound. But the Pulsatile part means that it has steady beats.

I do understand that hallucination can be a part of your illness, but you may actually have a form of Tinnitus.

It could also be a blood pressure problem (I am 36 with high BP so you never know), an ear blockage, or many other things, some of which can be serious. It is important that you take your body seriously and don't second-guess the sounds you are hearing.

txcuty said...

Not to change the subject, but I have suffered from Pulsatile Tinnitus for 13 years and never knew it had a name. It is so annoying.

Cheryl said...

I'd call the doc. You never know, and they build time into their schedules just to return calls. It might be nice if only you get some reassurance.

Any signs of spring there? I saw the first shoots peeping through. You probably have daffodils already. I remember your great pictures from years past.

Hope today is a better day :)

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

As much as I hate to sound like an echo -- yep, call the doctor. It could easily be a medication problem. It isn't necessary for it to be a new or changed medication, either. I, too have the strange noises, much like yours. Usually it's the rushing water that I'm hearing.

I don't think you're gonna die from it, but you really do need to get it checked. Sometimes when we concentrate on particular problems we have, we miss something else that may be happening.

If your "family doctor" is up-to-date on what's going on with you, that's who I would call. Hubby and I each go to a few different docs - but our family doctor keeps up with everything and we go see her with any new problems!

New Subject: Are you sure that Maggie isn't some type of hunting dog in a snuggle-pup disguise? Now chasing 'possums!! I love it!

Take care of YOU!

Grannie in Florida

Summer said...

Some good ideas from all of your friends.

Just a quick question. I know you love trains like I do. Tell me, do they still run on diesel or are they all electric now? This is an ongoing argument in my house. How can electric be more efficient for power?

justLacey said...

That must be so disturbing at first. I had tinnitus once for about 3 months and some days I thought it would drive me crazy. Eventually it just slowly went away. You should definitely check with the dr. just so he can keep up with your symptoms. Maybe there is something he can do to help.

Joanne said...

Andrew,is your email address ?