Sunday, January 18, 2009

Special Recipes...

There was the unmistakable smell of my grandfather's special recipe barbeque sauce simmering on the stove.   I had just driven over to my parent's house to get some sodas.  My stomach immediately started grumbling. 

"Look in the slow cooker," Dad said, turning his attention to stirring the sauce.

"Pork butt!" I exclaimed with wide looking eyes.

"Come back over around two and we will eat."

We then took my medications.  Dad was standing outside in the cool air in his pajamas as he got today's dosage out of his car.

"Now you have to stay with me for 30 minutes," he said. "I don't want you throwing them up."

It was scary driving today.  I really shouldn't be driving until I get more stable.  I keep having the uncomfortable sensation that my car is moving while at a full stop at a stop sign.  I will push the brake pedal as hard as I can thinking I am moving.  I made it home safely though with my guardian angel looking over my shoulder.


becomingkate said...

That moving sensation WOULD be scary. I hope it's just a side effect that goes away soon.
Enjoy the day (and the meal) with your folks.

Gulf Coast said...

wow, that is scary driving under your conditions. Enjoy your meal with your family...I love barbeque.

jrlmx2 said...

Welcome home, Andrew! I missed you and I'm glad you took the right route and got the proper help you needed. It wasn't so long ago that you would have taken an entirely different track. Way to go, man! I'm proud of ya!

Jenn said...

It's been awhile since I made pork butt! I hope you enjoyed it :)

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful meal. Glad you enjoyed it.

Driving with meds. can be so scary. Be careful with that. I know your guardian angel will always stay with you. Hopefully, the side effects will subside.

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

Man, wish I lived close - we'd figure out a car-pool when you felt like you could use it. And you could doggie-sit my two rat terriers . . . if Maggie would allow it!

I hope you can see how well you are dealing with your choices and your 'issues' right now! I know that it's hard work - but think of it as your job and do the best you can. (If I were your boss I'd give you a raise right now!)

Happy Monday!!

Grannie in Florida

Cheryl said...

I like nothing better than a meal cooked by someone else!!

I know you'll get back to feeling better. You're on your way.

Syd said...

Pork butt. Sounds like a great meal. Hope that you enjoyed it.