Friday, January 9, 2009

Over the Hill...

I had a dreaded phone call today.  It was Rosa with a question about her car's alternator.  She only calls me now when she needs something.  I used to resent it.  Now I just dismiss it. 

"Can you put me a new one on?" she pleaded. "My battery keeps going dead.  I've got the new one on my back seat."

I had to say no.  I wasn't feeling particularly well today thus my lack of posts lately.  These anxiety attacks are kicking my butt lately. 

Helen cooked all day and showed me how to cook rutabagas not from the can.  They were surprisingly hard to skin and then to cube.  But tasted so much better.  I love to eat them with a vinegary hot sauce, southern style.  Helen also cooked a comfort food of mine, macaroni and cheese, and cubed steak.  

It is going to be a long few hours till dad comes tonight.  I've been lonely for family today and will relish my 30 minutes with him.  That, and my medications will make me sleep like a baby.  


becomingkate said...

I hope your anxiety eases up soon!

Leann said...

Andrew ~ I hope you get to feeling better soon. I love, love, love home made mac and cheese...but I've never made it.

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow dear.

Ghost Writer said...

Rutabagas come in a can? I am shocked.

Summer said...

Who knew about canned rutabagas? LOL@GW. Anyway Sweets, you take care of you and enjoy your dad's company tonight. I hope you have sweet dreams. Give Maggie a hug for me.

I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

For me, it seems like anxiety is like dang female bunnies . . . they multiply like crazy. Once I have one, it doesn't take much for others to follow pretty closely behind.

I HATE when that happens! Takes all I've got to keep myself together.

Sure looks like you are hanging in there really well. It's helping me to see how well you are handling all of this! Thanks! I appreciate the good example you're setting for me!

Grannie in Florida

Cheryl said...

Anxiety attacks stink and they do multiply, but then they go away. Total distraction when they come on is what works for me. Thinking about what's happening just makes it worse. Hope you don't mind my giving advice. I just want you happy.

forsythia said...

Are you getting enough exposure to natural light? That might help.

Jenn said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Good call on Rosa, you don't need that hassle right now.

Jean said...

Here's how old ladies with small, arthritic hands peel a rutabaga:

French chef's knife, cutting board. cut off the top and the bottom. Cut it in half from top to bottom, then halve the halves. Peeling a quarter is easy. Then whack them into cubes on the cutting board, which is how you cut them into quarters in the first place.

My friend Frances always cooked two small rutabagas rather than one big one, said they were sweeter. She also cooked a peeled Irish potato in with them, and drained and mashed them, seasoned with butter. Potato takes away the bitter and you don't have to put in that spoonful of sugar that I bet Helen puts in.

You could just remove the potato if you didn't want them mashed. Or eat that potato with the nice rutabaga flavor. The broth that you're pouring off tastes good, too.

To Be Free said...

Thank you for being so open, you inspire me and encourage me.
Thank you,

Jay M. said...

Oh, man. Andrew, the food sounds so good.

Cube steak, rutabaga and hot sauce? De-lish.