Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hookers and Beer...

"I know what would help you!"  George said this morning after my tale of recent woe and my first cup of Fat Albert's coffee.  "You need to get laid!"

I burst out laughing and then said, "Do I look that hard up?"

"You've got a backup in your plumbing dear friend," George continued. "We'll get some hookers and some beer."

I am still smiling after that little exchange with George this morning.  I seriously doubt that is going to help what ails me mentally.  It was fun seeing the spry look in George's eyes, though, as he exclaimed that. 

I am up early this morning.  Weather watching.  It is supposed to rain all day and I have been watching the radar.  Wait!  I just heard drops of rain on my windows, but the radar said rain is an hour away.  They can be wrong, you know?

Well, it is time for me to go back to bed for a few hours till sunrise.  Maggie is already back in the bed after chasing her backyard demons for awhile.  Miss you all and I hope this means a return to writing regularly.  I am going to give it a good college try. 


Summer said...

It always makes me smile when you talk about Maggie's backyard demons. I can picture her running up and down her path with your sock in her mouth. I hope your day is a good one!

Kathy said...

I'm glad you laughed at George's unhealthy suggestion! That's a good sign! Welcome back.



I'm glad you've got a buddy to get out the giggles--that's so chick like for me to say giggles to a man--sorry!! But anyhow i"m glad you got a good laugh out of George's advice.

Rain? Ahhhhhhhhhhh that would be nice.. I hope you had a good return to slumber land!

take your time getting back to us when you feel and yourself are the most important here!!!


Leann said...

It's funny how dogs get that wild hair isn't it?

Enjoy your weekend sweetie.

Eric Valentine said...

Tread softly my friend, all things in good time, just make sure you stay well.. :)

Arleen said...

George may have put his finger on a sore spot, though. I'm not talking sex, but loneliness.

One of the difficulties that I've noticed about mental illness in seeing what my daughter goes through is that so much energy is expended on how to alleviate the more exotic symptoms of the illness that one can forget the normal things that can get everyone down, thinking it's just the illness getting to you. My daughter longs for a boyfriend to share things with. That's normal. But her illness can magnify the longing. She'll think it's her disorder that makes her depressed, when actually her disorder is simply causing a normal sadness to blow out of proportion. If the root cause were alleviated, both the normal and exaggerated symptoms might go away, or at least lessen.

When did you last meet with that young lady from AA? ;-)

(M)ary said...

what are you going to give the old college try?? writing or the hookers and beer? (-;