Saturday, December 27, 2008

So what did you get for Christmas?

I had a blessed Christmas this year.  Dad and mom got me a Nintendo Wii which thrilled me to death.  Charlie got me a game for the Wii, Legend of Zelda, and so did my brother and his family, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.  My sister and her husband got me a new Auburn baseball cap which I will wear incessantly just like the one before.

I still haven't checked the comments on yesterday's post.  I fear there is some pretty scathing stuff written there.  I should have turned comments off.  It is far too easy to come vent on this blog than with another person in real life.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  Blogs sure have been silent and that must mean people are busy enjoying their gifts and time with their family.  I feel so lucky to be around for yet another magical time of the year.       


CJM-R said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful holiday. I loved reading about it. Enjoy the Wii, I hear they are a blast!

As for yesterday's post- families are so complicated. I like your attitude...that you love your parents just the same. That is all that counts. Your parents are there for you and you for them, so many people don't have that.

Take good care.

ac said...

Stopped by to see what you got for Christmas... I see you got great stuff!

I got my daughter a wii this year. She loves it too. She's been 'bowling' so much... I think she's gonna give herself 'wii knee'. ha!

2sunset said...

Yes the Wii is fun! There is now one in our house too : )

No worries about the comments from yesterday Andrew, only one judgemental/assinine one when I read them last night.

have a good day!

justLacey said...

I hope the Wii is fun. I got one for my oldest daughter for her birthday this year. She turned 21 yesterday, but as most things are in adult life she had a disappointing day. I wasn't able to see her, but hopefully next week and maybe her gift will cheer her up. She is a World of Warcraft player, so maybe this is not as exciting, but she might enjoy the Fit and the stuff she can do with that.
Your comments were not bad on your last post. For the most part, people were pretty understanding and concerned for you and your mom. There are homophobes everywhere so of course one or two commented. Organized religion seems to turn people into judges of everyone else and they ignore the "judge not lest ye be judged" part of the book they take so literally.

(M)ary said...

I got a book, a sweater and cash. all good gifts.

Kathy said...

I got to spend time with my kids and I absolutely LOVE that. My son always cooks on Christmas Eve and we go to his house (with all the dogs, cats, and horses -- see my last posting), have dinner and laugh a lot. My husband and I buy for them, but usually don't exchange with each other. Somehow it makes the holiday so much more special to us. We get a real charge our of the giving part. I should add that we buy each other things during the year.
So very glad you're enjoying the Wii.

Tee said...

I got money for my birthday and Christmas and I bought two lamp shades. Tonight is our family's Christmas party, and my Mom will give us more money. I need a new electric screwdriver. Hubby wants me to buy a small drill, we'll see. As for the comments from yesterday, for the most part they are very supportive, it might encourage you to read them.

conisong said...

My hubby got me a camera and some other fun stuff. I got him a new coat and a Garmin GPS so he won't get lost. Sounds like you are having happy holidays. I think you are wise to love your family where they are at. Give Maggie a hug from my 2 dogs, Daisy and Bella. Thanks for being a positive part of my 2008. Happy New Year!

conisong said...

By the way, I love the Christmas lay out on your page. Very joyful.

Jay M. said...


Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas and that you're enjoying the Wii. So fun!

There's a lot of things that came up in the previous comments, and I would have preferred to send this via email as to not bring up the topic again, but I felt like saying something.

Like you said, you love your parents just the same. But the way your uncle brought it up to you sounds like it was meant to be hurtful. And "drugging your mother to keep her complacent," is a pretty serious accusation.

Gay, straight, whatever, your father loves you and your mother, and does his best to take care of you guys. You mention time and again talking with your mom about anxiety attacks and obstacles that arise when you're due for your medicine. You've also mentioned that your mom is in a similar situation; it helps to have someone to talk to who's dealing with the same type of day to day things.

The point is, the drugs are to keep things level for you two. Not to make anyone complacent. You should know that, and believe that. It seems people don't think about how hard it must be to be your father sometimes. A wife and son who both suffer from schizophrenia, and the more he tries to help, the more everyone thinks he wants to control them.

Tory said...

If you've been reading my blog u know that I've been in school since Sept., so I got very behind on reading your blog. I finally got a chance to catch up with you today, (like reading for 3 I may not have read it for awhile, but have thought of you very often, as you are my favorite blogger to read.
I wish you and your family a belated Happy Holiday and an even better year than you had this year! You are doing so well and I'm so proud of your sobriety. I've watched your struggle and you give us all hope that tomorrow is another day and a better one.
Take care and xoxo for maggie.

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you got a Wii. Emily got a few Mario games for it and she's been playing a lot.

I'm so glad you got a gift you love. I still remember the curtains from last year!

I got pajamas and slippers. Just what I asked for.

I'll post tomorrow. It has been quiet.

Eric said...

I want to stop by for a day of Wii. It sounds like you have some games I would enjoy.

I'm glad that you had such an enjoyable Christmas. I'm celebrating Christmas with my daughters in a few hours.

justLacey said...

Jay made some good points, take then to heart. As parents we make lots of mistakes and some we don't even realize, but for the most part we do the best we can and hope for the best. I'm sure your father is doing his best for you and your mom. You also have to remember that he is from a different era. Things were not so "out in the open" then and people were even more harsh and judgmental.

Dear Liza said...

Andrew - I am so happy to see that you had a good Christmas. It sounds like you must have been a very good boy this year...:)

I am happy to see that most that read and comment here love you and for the most part don't judge. That's the way it ought to be...And that's really saying something when the general population loves to do just that. I take that to mean that YOU are very special...and that sir, I already knew.

Hugs honey, and happy new year!


Syd said...

Glad that you had a nice Christmas. I also felt lucky to enjoy the day and the good feelings that Christmas brings.

Leann said...

A Wii...oh lucky you!! I'm envious :-)

Portia said...

Are you having fun with the Wii??