Friday, December 19, 2008

Silly Billy...

I've been so silly and giddy all day.  I saw this and just laughed and laughed.  Tis the season to be festive me thinks. 

Christmas Chewbacca


Mom and dad were busy cooking a coconut cake for Christmas this afternoon.  I hate I didn't bring my camera for pictures.  Preparing the cake was so elaborate.  I got a taste of the scrumptious icing and it was delicious. 


justLacey said...

Oh I wish you had brought your camera too. That would have been so fun.

Summer said...

My grandmother always made a coconut cake every year and it was an elaborate process. She used real coconut. My grandfather had the job of cracking it and grinding the meat. It was and is my favorite cake. I miss it and them.

Jessica said...

Christmas Chewbacca=Awesome!!! :)
I love your new header.