Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rosa? Where Art Thou?

I was down at Fat Albert's this morning as soon as they opened at 5 AM.  George was standing behind the counter looking asleep.

"What'cha need?" he asked me with that sly grin of his.

"Oh, just a cup of coffee," I replied.

A cup of coffee was all I could afford. 

We spent the next hour talking about Rosa.  Where she is and how she is doing.  She still does occasionally call me.

"She still have her Toyota?" George then asked me.

"Yeap," I replied. "Despite pawning the title twice."

George chuckled. 

It was freezing cold this morning as I left Fat's to drive home.  Maggie greeted me in her usual exuberant way.  I miss Rosa sometimes, but I don't miss the emotional games she would play. 


Tee said...

It's always good to keep in contact with friends.

Jami said...

I started reading your blog at just the time you basically quit having Rosa in your life. I often wonder about her, too. Thanks for the update.
I hope you eventually get some news.

Summer said...

I'm sure she misses you too.

Cheryl said...

You and Rosa needed each other back then. There were good times, and the other times that only you two knew about. You were company for each other. I'm glad you reminisced, and got to see a sober George.

PipeTobacco said...

Hello Sir:

Good to hear you talking with George again. What is he up to? If you can, tell us some about what he is doing currently.


Jenn said...

I think you've outgrown Rosa. You come so far since then!

Syd said...

It sounds as if you are doing well without Rosa so close. You know where she is but as you said, you don't need the drama.

Leann said...

Emotional games can be more draining than physical exercise.