Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Odds and Ends...

Tonight is nice.  It is raining pretty hard making wonderful noises as the rain drops splatter on my storm windows.  I will sleep well.

Maggie is out in the rain barking.  She is trying to thwart my attempts to put on her flea treatment.  It has been an all day battle.  I am sure Maggie's muddy feet will come flying up on the bed pretty soon.

Spent two hours at work discussing ice hockey with one of dad's employees.   And I don't even like sports.  I raced tonight to finish the deliveries before dark fell.  I hate to drive after dark as my eyesight is poor. 

Grocery day is tomorrow.  Another lemon meringue pie is on the agenda.  I special requested two gallons of milk as well.  Yum! Milk!


Leann said...

Love the sound of rain on the roof. Always sleep so sound.

Syd said...

Nothing like a good rainy day. We're expecting some here too. Have a good Wednesday. Stop by sometime.