Saturday, December 13, 2008

Benadryl, it was good while it lasted...

Mom asked about my Benedryl addiction today. 

"You about drove me nuts with that Benedryl crap," she told me over the phone an hour ago.  "Every time I would turn around you were wanting two more dollars for Benedryl."

I can get addicted to anything and they say that Benedryl is non habit forming.  I was taking 12 pills a day at the end. 

"What did it do for you?" mom asked. "I would think it would make you all jittery and nervous."

"Au contraire," I replied. "It calmed me down.  Made me sleepy.  And I felt better.  Or so I thought."

I had to quit cold turkey.  I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms other than being psychologically addicted.  Dad still gives me 6 every night and I put them in a large ceramic container in my kitchen.   


Jami said...

We use Benadryl at the prison a bunch! We aren't allowed to prescribe sleeping pills, but those who have trouble with sleep are given Benadryl, plus those on antipsychotics are often given Benadryl, as well.

Benadryl is actually one of the few drugs at the prison that isn't a "commodity." Now that you've mentioned having an addiction to it, I'll have to keep an eye on it! (Cogentin is what they want, by the way.)

Kathy said...

People who take Benedryl (diphenhydramine) (the same stuff is in Tylenol PM) can also suffer a 'Benedryl hangover.' And, just as you mentioned, although it itself is non-addictive, people who have addictive personalities can easily become psychologically dependent.

Marsha said...

Biting my tounge on your father giving those to you. *Shakes Head*

I'm glad you don't take them any longer...but I worry about that stash in your kitchen. Maybe you should flush them?

PipeTobacco said...


I am delighted to hear you have refrained from the Benedryl that your father continues to give you.


Portia said...

Wow, Andrew, that's major. I hope you are seriously proud of yourself. :)