Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama's My Man!

"Obama's my man!" Helen said exuberantly as she was pulling clothes out of the washing machine and into the dryer.  "I'm voting as soon as I get off."

I smiled.  I didn't tell her who I voted for.  She didn't ask.  I've learned... don't ask, don't tell.  Politics are so personal and polarizing.

Mom was still in the bed at 10:30 PM.  They leave tomorrow for Washington D.C. to see my brother and his family.  I wasn't asked to go.  Such trips exasperate my mother causing much time in bed.

"Are you going to get groceries?" I asked as I sat down next to her on the bed.

"Noon," mom said with her cat, Muffin, laying on her hip. 

I walked in the bathroom to get my two Tylenol PM to take and today's dosages of regular Tylenol and aspirin.  That is my day so far.  


Leann said...

Politics are polarizing. I've learned not to discuss them with family. Things get heated even though my mother states that unless we discuss them we can't be open to different viewpoints.

Syd said...

Thank goodness everyone can have an opinion, but I don't discuss politics with my wife's family. Helen and I are on the same wavelength.

Kelly Jene said...

I don't discuss politics with anyone that I deal with in day to day life. I'm not a debater, so its just better if I stay out of it.

But I did vote.

C.A. said...

I breezed in and out in less than 10 minutes here in Sherman, IL. No lines at all at 3:30 p.m. and the ballots were the simple “color in the circle” type. Everyone was helpful and smiling and things were moving quickly. It was definitely one of the smoothest voting experiences I’ve ever had.

My sister lives in Summerville, South Carolina and sent the following email:

4 hours.....that's how long it took for me to wait in line to vote here today. That is 4 hours with 2 kids in chilly weather when it was spitting rain. WOW is all I have to say. I am completely worn out from standing in line!! It's good that I was off work today, I am not sure how I could have had time to vote if not!

Hope you all have an easier time at the polls.

So apparently our voting experiences were vastly different!

Did you get your groceries, friend?

Nathan Hawks said...

Hey Andrew, I hope yesterday's difficulties have subsided. Almost 8pm here in Eastern time, it's the final laps of the America 500!

anonymous said...

Well at least Helen has some brains. Obviously by not agreeing with her you've shown that you voted for the "other guy".

My goodness, she washes your underwear and you won't discuss something that is historic and meaningful in her life.

You do realize McCain wanted to privatize your Social Security payment that you receive each month? And your Medicare? Good luck getting your $500/mo shots in the tuckus paid for by a private insurance company.

But I guess it is a good thing your dad owns a pharmacy, you could probably get a discount.

jiggins said...

Ok. Wow.

Anyway man - I don't discuss politics, and especially not with family. In fact, I wasn't aware that my family even had much of an opinion to share on the subject. However, while recently visiting said family.. my Mother asked me nonchalantly if I had registered to vote. I said I had.. and then she asked me who I was voting for. And I answered.

Slightly hesitantly - but I did answer, and as the words left my lips, I began to immediately regret it. Haha.. it was a conversation I couldn't get out of if I wanted to. Somehow Mom had really taken alot of interest in this election - and had some strong opinions. Eventually I had to use a bathroom excuse to get out of the room. :)

Nathan Hawks said...

I avoid these conversations sometimes because I care too much. I know I'll disagree, I know someone will ask me why, and if I say enough I'll get worked up and maybe become offensive.

If I'm sure I can disagree respectfully and calmly then I sometimes risk it, because I do like hearing others' views or sharing my own. But.

PipeTobacco said...


I am selective with whom I discuss politics with. It mostly depends upon their discussion style and demeanor rather than their views. People who get bombastic and "my-way-or-the-highway" about their views are folks I avoid talking politics with (even if I agree with them). Heck, I guess I avoid talking with those sorts ALL the time just because I do not do well with the "whatever I say goes" mentality that those sorts seem to favor.

However, I do have many people with whom I may disagree about the details with, that I really do enjoy talking politics with. They are the individuals who use logic and reason and attempt to discuss trains of logical thought to build ideas. Even if I disagree with these sorts of people, I enjoy talking with them.

I, like Helen, voted for Obama. I think he is a good choice. I am not rabidly excited about his presidency like some folks are, but I think he will be on the whole a good, fair leader. There are others I think would have been far better and more visionary, but of the two candidates we had, he had the views most closely aligned with my own vision in regards to health care, individual's rights, the role of taxes, etc.



My Grandma has always said the same thing, politics are personal and it's none of anyones business to ask, if we want to tell, we tell, but we don't havta! :)

you betcha!

Hi Maggie!

Eric said...

I do discuss politics because I do like to debate, but I am selective. I will honor your spirit and not comment on my choice. One reason I limit who I debate with is that some folks like to make assumptions and then debate with the assumptions...lol

Anyway, I'm glad your day was your at least up to the time of your post.


kelsci said...

HiAndrew, I hope you are doing well. You left a comment on my blog but I do not know when that comment was made.

I am glad Obama won too. I am on disability for mental illness as well. Democrats will protect my rights for disabiltiy, not REpublicans like McCain, simple as that.