Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In One Ear, and Out the Other...

I was sitting this morning in my psychiatrist's office.  He was blathering on and on about my cholesterol levels and exercise.   It was getting to be grueling to sit through.  Finally, he moved on to my present problems.  I sighed with relief.

We kept my medications the same.  I weighed on his scales and am down to 205 pounds.  I have lost 52 pounds by just not drinking sugary soda.  My doctor and my father were very pleased.

As we were leaving the doctor's office, Dad placed two pills in my hand.

"Take these," he said. "You are going to need them.  We are going to see your great aunty Myrtis."

I smiled and took the pills with a gulp of diet Dr. Pepper.  All the pills did was make me drowsy and it was hard having conversations.  My aunt was in fine form for 92 years young making many racist comments about that "colored man in the White House."  She always makes me cringe doing that.  I have to remind myself that she grew up in a different time and place.


2sunset said...

Hi Andrew
A coupla things:

Maybe you are weepy before a shot because a shot is like heavenly mercy for you - we all humble ourselves and often shed a tear in those circumstances. It is a relief and you are grateful for it.

makes sense

And you did not make a fool of yourself with your blog! You showed us your vulnerability -Readers, friends, love that, it means you trust us and that is an honour (yep, the Canadian spelling ;) ) indeed.

Cheers, Erin.
p.s. each one of us has a crazy old relative too. No worries about your Auntie. What kinda pills were they? I could you some this Christmas! ha ha ha ..

Summer said...

Your Auntie and my Mother.

geelizzie said...

52 pounds! wow! Could be worse with your aunt, she could be calling him that n-word in the white house!

PipeTobacco said...


I do not believe you have visited my site in a while. However, I will be leaving for deer camp on Friday.


happyone said...

Wow 52 pounds. Good for you!! Now just cut out one other thing and more pounds will come off. You don't really have to change much. Just cutting back a little does wonders in the long run.

Leann said...

Wow...good for you on the weight loss. Not an easy feat under any circumstances.

Brad said...

That cracks me up that Dad was prepping you for the visit. - congrats on losing the 52 lbs.

forsythia said...

At 99, Mom has the same opinion of a new man in the W/H as your Aunt Myrt. She said, "It just isn't right."

Syd said...

Sounds like your aunt lived in a different era for sure. those old habits are hard to shake. I may disagree but she has the right to her opinion, even though it isn't mine.

Good for you on the weight loss.

Marsha said...

Oh yeah, Brad, laugh at his father illegally giving him drugs. You are an ass.