Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Mom ran into my old high school friend Chad today at her doctor's appointment. 

"I gave him your phone number so he could call you," mom told me. "I always liked Chad."

A few hours later, Chad did call me.  It was good catching up on things past.  He assured me he was clean and sober.  The last time I saw him years ago he was high on drugs.

It turns out our lives are similar.  He is on disability for a mental illness and living with his mother.  I called it symmetry between him and I.  At least I have my own house.

We talked a lot of our hobbies.  His is music and guitar playing.  Mine is model railroading and rail fanning.   We talked of getting together soon just to talk over coffee and catch up on the many years that have past since we last saw each other. 

Isn't it funny how life works?  A few days ago I was lamenting the fact that I have few real life friends.  Now?  In two days I have made one new friend and got caught up with another who was long lost.   


Trying2BMe said...

Somehow the things that we need most have a way of making their way into our lives. This is great that you realized you needed/wanted interaction and have gotten exactly that.

Good luck!
Tina :)

mosiacmind said...

I am glad that you both got to connect with a couple of people. I hope that you do get together with both people. It is so good to see you socializing these days. The picture looks like Gracie and one of her toys that really needs to be pitched but if I did I would have to hide it to get it out to the trash or she would look thru the trash I think

Jessica said...

Hmm, it seems as if a theme is appearing in your life! :)

anonymous said...

Just remember to keep him away from your computer. Isn't he the guy that mucked up his computer watching all that porn?

justLacey said...

It takes time to make friends. When we moved it took me a year, but now I have many. That year was pretty lonely though.