Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Downhill Slide...

Let's not talk about yesterday.  I had a tough day mentally and barely made it.  Mom arrived around 7 PM with some medicine and saved the day.  I finally could get some rest. 

This morning I sat in my doctor's waiting room watching the fish in the huge aquarium in there.  The fish were so calm inducing.  Soon, my doctor's nurse called me back for my injection. 

"I read online where some mental health nurses just won't give this shot due to it's size," I told Rebecca.  "They are intimidated by it."

"It is the largest injection needle I have ever seen," Rebecca replied.

I got my shot and mom was waiting outside in her car reading a book.

"Everything come out okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I am fine," I replied already feeling better.

The rest of the day has been quiet with a long nap and some magazine reading time. 


Kevin said...

Good to hear you're alright. I was wondering what was up.

Wanderer62 said...

Hi Andrew, I just recently started following your blog and I was worried too. You are such a consistent (and consistently good) writer and I read that you had been experiencing some psychotic symptoms.

Before I go any further, I just want to thank you for featuring my blog Yin And Yang on your site. I'm honored by that.

I, too, suffer from schizophrenia. Luckily I haven't experienced any paranoia in several months, but I know the feeling, the sense of being vulnerable to attack. I believe the medicine for many of us really helps (it has saved my sanity), but the rest of it is about attitude. Part of what got me through the worst of this baffling illness was having a grateful attitude. This is not always easy, but it has helped me to calm down when I've gone on my own downhill slides. If you're hurting, make a gratitude list and keep it near you. You will get through this. You've come so far already.

Take care,


Leann said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better Andrew. Perhaps a fish tank for your house?

Eric said...

Andrew, it is good to hear you have success in situations like this. It is also to fantastic to watch that sobriety ticker keep racking up the numbers. Congrats!


justLacey said...

It always seems your shot begins to wear off a couple f days before the next is due. Can't your dr. do something to alleviate this? Have you asked him?

(M)ary said...

fish are calming! i like fish, too bad they are a lot of work to keep as pets.

I am sorry you had a bad day yesterday.

Tee said...

Look at YOU! Day 330 for being sober. You are doing so well!!!!!

forsythia said...

You don't have to have schizophrenia to have paranoia. People with Type I bipolar can have paranoia big time.

mosiacmind said...

Hi Andrew...I am glad that there were no hassles in getting your shot. I am happy for you that today is a better day for you. I hope that your day goes well for you. I was wondering if you were working anymore lately on your train models...are you? Take GREAT care of yourself. GREAT with all of your non drinking days...way to go!

Cheryl said...

I was also going to comment on your shot schedule. It seems like you need your injection sooner than you get it. Could your doc change the schedule? I'm glad today was better.