Thursday, October 23, 2008

Long Day Ends...

We are experiencing a cold rain tonight.  It so evokes memories of winter in the South. 

"It even smells like winter," I told my father standing out at his car a moment ago. 

Today started out interesting.  I needed twenty dollars to pay for my and Wanda's lunch.  I headed over to find mom still in the bed.

"Can I get twenty dollars?" I pleaded. 

"No!" my mother said point blankly.  

I put on my best whiny teenager persona and voice.

"Please? Please? I want to take Wanda out to eat."

Mom usually gives in if I pester her enough.  She rolled over, pulled the covers over her head, and told me to get it out of her purse. 

It was a standard AA meeting.  Wanda I both talked of how AA in the Valley has just about died due to one very overbearing and patriarchal man who thinks he runs the program.  They used to have meetings every night,  Now, it is down to two times a week.

Wanda, as I had expected, was tired and didn't eat much.  I pigged out with two quarter pounders w/cheese and a large fries. 

"You remind me of my son in Germany," Wanda told me. "Now, he was a bottomless pit and still is."

I took Wanda home and then had to come home and get ready for work.  We've bought a new building next door to the pharmacy that is going to be for our home healthcare operations.   It is my job to get my office moved and set up.  That is what I did today.

Have I told you how glad I am to be home with my Maggins, my tobacco pipe, and mugs of sweet, milky coffee?  I hear raindrops pitter pattering on my window sill.  Gonna sleep nice tonight.  


Eric said...

Sounds like a productive and fun day.

justLacey said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me.

happyone said...

Oh I love listening to the rain. It is so soothing and I always sleep good listening to it!
Sounds like you had a very good day. :-)

jiggins said...

Mr. Andrew.

Like a Hobbit you have come to accept the simpler, finer things that make you happy.. a rain, a good pie full of tobacco, and the love of your dog.

The smell of the seasons is what always affects me most. It is nice to have that when you don't normally.. I live in the desert currently... I can remember winters in the mid-west.. as a child.. the smell of rain and precipitation coming over the hills and through the trees..

It is an enviable thing.. the moments you share with your closest friends...and blog-o-sphere. See ya on the next page buddy! Stop by Continuum sometime!

geelizzie said...

Oh, I wish we'd get some rain here, I do love that sound!

Lou said...

I'm surprised one man could ruin everything like that with the meetings. That is really too bad.