Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frantic and Harried...

My special AA friend, Wanda, called me tonight.

"Where have you been?  You haven't been going to AA!"

I have spurts of activity as far as AA goes.  I will get really interested for awhile then they start that higher power stuff and totally lose me.  I've been using the AA group as a whole as my higher power.

"You only have to stay sober today!" Wanda exclaimed and then hung up.  She sounded so frantic and harried.  I then got to worrying about her so I called her back.

"Go with me tomorrow to the lunch meeting, please?" I asked her.  "I will drive and then we will get lunch at McDonalds."

"It's a date," Wanda then said and we hung up our phones.   

Wanda sounded like my mother tonight when she was on one of her manic highs.  I'm worried about her.  She has to work all night and will be tired tomorrow for a meeting.  I look forward to seeing her, though. 


Cheryl said...

It's nice to know Wanda cares for you and worries when you're not around. I'm sure the AA gang will be glad to see you to. Have a double cheeseburger for me!

Kelly Jene said...

I'm so glad you are able to be there for her, as she is for you. That's what friends are for!

Eric said...

Having someone care for us even if they are frantic and harried is a pleasant experience.

anonymous said...

"It's a date," Wanda then said and we hung up our phones.

Someone's got a crush on you. I liked Rosa better.

Tee said...

Great move, it will benefit both of you and it will get you out for an activity. BTW, have you heard from Rosa lately?

Summer said...

How did the hedge trimming go?

Chandira said...

Even if you get lost while talking about your higher power, it doesn't get lost when caring about you.
YOU are your higher power, that's the best discovery of all. Taking it back again, and realizing that all along, you've always been there for yourself. Like when you look for your glasses when you're wearing them all along. That discovery of your Higher Self is your discovery of your own Self, literally, as you are.
Don't let talk about things like that put you off. All that mystical stuff is really very ordinary and simple.