Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Helen...

"I'm tired and I want to go home," Helen whispered to me while mom was in her bathroom getting my Tylenol and aspirin.

"Friday, we are going to just cook and eat at my house," I told her back. "No cleaning."

Helen just grinned and shook her head in agreement as she went back to vacuuming my mother's rug.  "Love you, baby," she mouthed. 

Mom is not having a good day.  Today she goes and buys both household's groceries.  It was after noon and she was still in her pajamas.

"I'll go buy the groceries," I told her.

"You will?" mom asked, sounding excited.

"But your father would kill me if he found out," mom then replied looking deflated.  "I can't give you that much money."

Oh well.  I tried.  I got in my car and headed home.  I feel good today and I hope it stays that way.  


Jessica said...

Aw, I wish your mom would've let you go. But, what can you do?
Hope you continue having a good day! :)

mosiacmind said...

I hope that you continue to have a good day. It is a bummer that your mom would not let you go...i think it wouldd have been a good way to show your dad how well that you are doing and not using any money towards drinking or drugging. I am glad that you and Helen each have each other in your life....she is a great help to you and i know you are a support to her also...I hope that tomorrow you both have a really nice day together.

justLacey said...

It was a nice offer to both Helen and your mom. I'm glad you are feeling well and hope it continues for a long time.

Kelly Jene said...

So when are you going to post a pic of the wonderful Helen?? I wish your mom would let you help!

jiggins said...

Andrew.. your acceptance of what has happened in the past and what will be the answer to situations like that - well, you are learning to and know how to deal with them. Experience equals patience sometimes.. and you are gaining both my friend. I really love reading about your life situations and your willingness to have a good day. (Maggie is adorable) Thanks for that.

I have written a small piece on my blog in an effort to show gratitude for what I have learned, by reading stories such as yours. Please visit it and give me your feedback.. i will be keeping an eye on the posts you write! Be well!

simonsays said...

I'm with Kelly here, I want to see a pic of Helen, too.

Happy Friday, Andrew. Hugs. :)

Lou said...

She thought about it..for a minute.
I think that's a positive thing?

kristi said...

I hope you are having a good week. Sorry you didn't get to go buy groceries.