Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cotton for the Looms of West Point...

I sat down at the railroad museum this morning watching as they painted the old 50 foot boxcar in the "Cotton for the Looms of West Point" paint scheme. I grew so excited to see something unfurl before my eyes that I haven't seen since I was a child.

Maybe it was a kinder, gentler era, but my family always let me wander the tracks when I was a child. I would ride my bike down. Chain it to a post. And lose hours with my trusty Olympus 35mm camera. Mom still has a photo album with all the pictures I took, and it has become a valuable resource in modeling the CHV.


I am feeling kind of shaky today. Not bad, but I could use my medications. I am hesitant to call Charlie and bother him, but would be elated if he drove by and let me take my medicines early. They would make me sleepy, and I would probably go to bed. It is just one of those days I would rather sleep away than spend hours milling about doing nothing. It is going to be a long afternoon without them.


Blog Of A Thousand Names said...

Hi Andrew,

I hope you will be feeling better. I enjoy reading your blog, thank you! for sharing your blog.

happyone said...

I loved playing on the tracks as a kid too. I used to walk along them all the time.
I'm sending happy thoughts your way and hoping that you'll have a happy day. :-)