Thursday, October 9, 2008


I put on my favorite shorts and shirt after a shower this morning.  I was feeling good.... almost cocky.   I had to be at work a few hours to learn our new check-out system.  It was required attendance. 

I managed to talk dad into giving me five dollars for a hamburger as I was leaving.

"Don't go buy and drink mouthwash," he told me warily. 

When will he ever trust me?

My next destination was mom's house.  I had to pick up Tylenol and aspirin.  They, my parents, only allow me six a day of each fearing I will overdose.  

"I wish you could move in with us and have your old bedroom back," mom told me in her pajamas. "I get lonesome and would love to have you around."

I thought about it for about ten seconds.  For ten seconds it seemed nice, but I would be under the Johnny regime.  That would mean making up my bed every day and doing constant yard work which I hate.  I do miss mom, though, and entertained the thought.  It was nice she trusts me so much these days to welcome me home.  


mosiacmind said...

Hi Andrew...I am glad that your are able to think about moving in for a few seconds and know that it would NOT be a good choice for you at all! You are doing so well.Hope that you have a good day.

PipeTobacco said...


Six Tylenol and six aspirin each day is not likely a good choice as both (especially in combination) are VERY rough on kidney function if taken at that dosage for any extended period of time.

Along with your other medications, the stress on your kidneys is something you really need to be aware about.

Please be careful. Please do not consume unnecessary medications.


justLacey said...

Pipe is right on the liver stuff, why would you need that many a day? was nice your mom wants you there, but you are a grown man and need your space. You are growing more everyday and who know where life is taking you now? Your dad will begin to trust you more and more as you do well. 5 dollars is a start and each time you do what you say with the money the more trust you will earn. Remember, your dad wants you to do well, he is just afraid of being disappointed again. Keep doing as you are and everything will be fine.

Summer said...

You finally answered a question I've asked you several times over the years. You hate yard work. There goes my idea for yard of the month.

(M)ary said...

well, i am an enabler.

if i gave you money, i would say "don't buy mouthwash, if you want to get drunk, buy some cheap whiskey or beer."

but hey, stay sober (-: i and all the readers are proud of you for every sober day!

jiggins said...

I sometimes have thought about what it would be like if I lived at home again... my mother has mentioned it before. In the past I entertained the idea, due to wanting to go back to school and it would help with finances.. though in the end, I always see what would be inevitable.. I would lose my mind. It's nice to know that we are loved and missed.. but the freedom I wished for as a child cannot be so easily given up! :)