Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod...

Thought of going camping tonight, but passed.  Mom stayed much later than she usually does.  We had a good time drinking diet Dr. Pepper, talking, and watching Forensic Files on Tru TV. 

I realized tonight how lonely us two souls are, I and mom.  Mom and I are both stuck at home for most of the day.  She sleeps.  I listen to the radio all day.   My social anxieties keeping me from going to AA like I should.  We often call each other several times a day and usually one of us ends up over at each other's houses.  We don't talk much as there is not much about our lives to share.  Mom loves to hear about my daily schedule.  When I slept, what I wrote on my blog, and what I had for lunch. 

Personally? Lately, I have been so worried about the economy.  The gas lines and shortages remind me of the seventies and Carter's term in office.  I take some solace in the fact that my car and house are paid for lock, stock, and barrel.  Mom and dad's house is also paid for, but dad just bought an expensive SUV.  That worries me.  He is also looking into expanding his pharmacy by purchasing another building for his home health care operations.   I told him to be careful.

My biggest expense? Medications bar none.  My meds run $2000 dollars a month and are completely covered by Medicare part D.


(M)ary said...

medications sure do cost alot. i don't understand why! does it really cost that much money to make pills? if i didnt have insurance, i wouldnt be able to afford my migraine meds.
oh which reminds me i forgot to pick up my prescription when i was out running errands today

Cheryl said...

I think walking would do you a world of good. Not that you asked for my opinion...You used to love it. You can be alone, but be out there and feel good about yourself. Do you think Maggie could go with you?

I'm being a sissy and not reading too much about the economy. I don't want to be more scared, you know?

Leann said...

I attempt to stay in the real world without getting caught up in the negative spewing that the media does. Be aware but not intimidated so to speak.

I agree with Cheryl, walking might do you well. Fresh air is the best medicine. You are so fortunate to have Medicare. Unfortunatley far too many people fall thru the cracks.

Be well my friend.

Eric said...

It is good to see the two of you together.

I tend to view this whole "crisis" with a grain of salt. I saw lines out into the street at gas stations around my home, but about 2 or 3 miles away there was plenty of gas. People need to slow down, take a deep breath and realize that panic behavior only makes things worse.

happyone said...

It's nice that you and your mom have each other.
I agree with Cheryl - walking might do you good!!

Barb said...

It is refreshing to read about your life. It is a calm that many of us need to incorporate in our own lives. Your appreciation is also something that everyone needs to grasp onto. The need for bigger and better may just come to a sreetching holy.