Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Such a Pleasant Soul...

This morning was my sanity injection.  My normal nurse, Rebecca, administered it.  I love her to death.  She is so kind and understanding.  She realizes how embarrassing it is for me to pull my pants down to be injected in my buttock. 

"Oh my!" Rebecca said as she scurried to the counter to get gauze.

I turned to look and there was a puddle of blood on the floor.

"Your gushing!"

The blood soon stopped.  It happens from time to time, but has scared many a nurse at my doctor's office from ever administering my shot again. 

What a difference my shot makes!  Last night, I was really struggling.  I was mired in those old anxiety attacks.  I remember mom calling around 11 PM to check on me and all I said was, "HELP!"

"Your shot is in the morning," she told me kind heartedly.   There was little else she could do.

Now?  I am already feeling calmer just thirty minutes post injection.  I can relax.  My delusions are gone.   The stinkin' thinkin' is dead in it's tracks.   


mosiacmind said...

Good day Andrew...it is amazing to me how I can be feeling really crappy and nervous and that sensation that I could jump out of my skin and then take my medications and within a half hour to an hour I am feeling much better. It is sunny here today yet cool. I am glad that I have some sweatshirts that are clean. I would like to be able to get pet insurance for Gracie but I cannot afford it either. Hope that you have a great day....: )

amelia said...

Would they give you an injection a little closer than two weeks? Maybe ten days? You wouldn't have to feel so bad if they did that.

Tee said...

Whee! Better life through chemistry. Glad you are feeling better.

Jami said...

Amazing how that stuff helps! I am reading an excellent book right now for people with schizophrenia, family members and providers. It's called "Surviving Schizophrenia," by E. Fuller Torrey (5th edition, I believe). It's the best educational and easy read on the subject I've found so far.

It's giving me insight I need to understand some of the patients I have. (I think as I've said before, it's difficult to know sometimes those who are for real and those who are using so-called schizophrenia symptoms for secondary gain -- I work with inmates.)

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad for your medications. It really is amazing what they can do. And your mom...she just knew. Is she on any of the same meds as you?

It's late and I'm pooped!