Friday, September 26, 2008


Helen came today.  I don't want to sound ungrateful, but is it terrible of me to not want her here?  I have to entertain and be social for the five hours she is here and it exhausts me.  She also doesn't have a car and her son usually carries her around.  I had to drive her home today and it was in bum f**k Egypt. 

Enough complaining.  Helen cooked a wonderful supper of fried pork chops, steamed cabbage, glazed carrots, and corn bread.  My house is also spotless.  I am just exhausted though. 

Mom has taken it upon herself to stock my kitchen with certain needed items.  She brought a pizza cutter today and some glasses wrapped in newspaper.  She also brought me a box of Cheez-its of which I have already eaten half the box despite being full from supper.  I cannot resist Cheez-its. 


Leann said...

I adore cheeze-its also.

jane said...

i want to coem back as maggie in my next life - pork chops and cornbread!!

geelizzie said...

mmm...cheez-its!! I hear you on having someone in your house when you prefer being alone, it is very stressful and tiring. But her dinners always sound worth it!
Hey, I just noticed your sobriety counter-311 days is so fantastic! Just a little longer and it will be a whole year!

Cheryl said...

Great to have Helen/hard to have Helen. Clean house and food are the upside. Having a person in your house for 5 hours is hard.

How was dinner? I had potato chips and ice cream. Not too healthy, I know. Not even that good.

Linda S. Socha said...

I like your blog Andrew. Alas, I can relate to the Helen saga...this week I might have met her at the door with the red carpet. I like your posts, the photos and what you have to say
Thank you for sharing
P.S. My husband, a photographer, has a glossy 11X17 cheez it photo. Check it out.

justLacey said...

Maybe the reason Helen takes so long is because you are there entertaining her while she works lol. Try going out and leaving her there alone when she is there on Fridays and see if she is any quicker. I can't imagine your place being that hard to clean. Just you and Maggie and it's not that big.

Summer said...

How about going for a walk when Helen comes over. Do you like to work in your yard? Maybe pull some weeds or trim bushes? Or you could go to the library. Anything to get out of the house.

I love Cheez-its. LOVE THEM.

SOUL: said...

andrew andrew andrew, tsk tsk tsk... i do know how you feel havin someone runnin around cleanin while you maybe don't really know what to do, or might feel in the way, in your own house-- but man... i'll take her !!!
i've been kinda down lately, and there's not been much cookin or cleanin goin on round here-- i think we'd all kill for it about now.
you can come too-- just bring helen with ya!!! we'll go fishin while she cooks and cleans up the place ! :))
happy weekend!
(in your clean, food filled house)

pattycakes said...

get your puppy and take a nice long walk then she can have peace while she cleans or at least go out in the yard and play fetch with your dog . sounds like fun huh sounds like a great dinner too i wish i had a helen in my place lol