Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Landmark Day!

What a busy day.  It started with a quick jaunt down the interstate to my doctor's office.  We didn't have to wait long. 

"Why don't you try yoga?" my doctor asked. "I do it every morning."

Can you see big, burly me doing yoga?  My eyes glossed over and I fell into a trance as he rambled on about it. 

Then it came time to write the prescriptions.  I held my breath as he rattled off the various drugs I take.

"How 'bout your Klonopin?" he asked.

"It has really helped him and he has been very responsible with it," my father chimed in.   Thank you, dad!

I was so relieved when he wrote me another prescription for it.  It is the one thing I have found to stave off those anxiety attacks I am prone to have.

On the drive home, dad and I talked about putting together a plan for me becoming more independent.   Soon, I will start getting money again.  Followed by my bills coming to me and for me to start buying my groceries again.  I was just overjoyed we were talking about this matter as two rational, adult human beings.  I was so excited after such a good day that I was bouncing off the walls when I arrived home. 


forsythia said...

Very happy for you. May you have many more days like this.

Kevin said...

I'd say a congratulations is in order for you dude -- it's awesome that everything is starting to work itself out for you.


I am a broken record--but KLONOPIN KLONOPIN KLONOPIN is definitely no kryptonite for me..

I'm glad it works for you too!!!

Well, that and a precious pup name Maggies! :)


Kelly Jene said...

I'm so glad that not only have you found something that works for you but also because it's helped further your life!!

That's awesome!

justLacey said...

Glad it went well. Why don't you rent a yoga dvd and give it a try? Who's going to see you?

simonsays said...

I am so happy to hear about your good day.

I am also hoping that today is just as wonderful.

Hugs, Andrew.


Cheryl said...

What a happy post. And, if your town has yoga, you should do it. I've never tried it, but it's supposed to be wonderful for mind and body. And it would be something different to do. I'm so psyched about you handling your money. It's fair, and it's time, and if it doesn't work out well, it can be modified. I forgot to congratulate you on your 300+ sober days. You're amazing.

Sharon said...

What a great post. How nice to hear your Dad praise you to the doctor that way. See, Dad has noticed and he's proud of you. The fact that you were able to have a calm, rational discussion with him and he seemed amenable to you becoming more independent is a great testimony to the strength of your relationship with him. And the fact that obviously, you have earned some of his trust. Good for you!!!
- Sharon -

Brad said...

Congrats Andrew - I'm really glad things are going so well.

I know the yoga thing sounds kinda funny but what the hec give it a try. Lots of people swear by it.

Eric said...

Andrew, this post is just full of good news. I am glad for you.

On the whole yoga thing, I am with you. Just the thought of me doing yoga hurts and causes me to double over in laughter.

recoveryroad said...

That's a good day. Good for you. We get out of this what we earn.

What is KLONOPIN ?

jane said...

i am really pleased that you and your dad are on much better, more adult terms - that's great.

i love yoga, find it helps me to relax and de-stress and i also sleep way better if i take an evening class. people of all shapes and sizes and ages take it here in my town. give it some thought - you might be happily surprised.

p.s. fish tacos ROCK!!!! i make them a lot. healthy and tasty!

impromptublogger said...

Even if you don't want to do full-blown yoga the breathing techniques you learn are EXTREMELY helpful during panic attacks. Basically it's belly breathing which is deep breathing.

I never thought I'd do yoga but I tried it and loved it. Unfortunately I got "yoga elbow" i.e. tennis elbow and basically had to stop. But for many people it really helps and is a non-drug way of learning how to stay calm.

kristi said...

That is so great!! I have been reading you for a long time, you have come a very long way.