Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Imposter Bought Me Cigarettes...

It was that time of the week.  My once weekly call for cigarettes.  I hate, hate, hate to do it.  It makes me want to quit.  I called mom and she was asleep in the bed.

"Would you mind me driving you down to Fat's to get me some cigarettes?" I said over the phone.

Mom mumbled something incoherent and hung up the phone.  I felt terrible.

When I arrived at my parent's house, mom was still in the bed.  She seemed drugged.  I had to help her up and help her get dressed.  I felt like such a schlep.  Into the car she went and I walked around to buckle her up.   Off to Fat Albert's we go.

Mom managed to wake up some by the time we got there.  She was lucid enough to buy me and her a drink which is always a treat for me, the caffeine.  

"Thank you," I told her driving home. "You made my day."

"I don't mind doing this," she said.

She was a asleep again by the time I pulled back in her driveway. 

Tomorrow, I go see my psychiatrist.  I am already nervous about it.  Dad is going with me.  I am not sure if we should just leave well enough alone and not adjust my medications.  I anticipate begging for more Klonopin. 


impromptublogger said...

I think you're handling your medication very well these days and I hope the doc (and your Dad) trust your judgement.

Your Mom on the other hand - is she okay? It doesn't sound she was functioning at all needs an adjustment on her meds.

(M)ary said...

good luck with the doc tomorrow!

PipeTobacco said...


I hope all goes well with the psychiatrist tomorrow. I know you have been talking about feeling mentally "slow" lately. If you feel strongly about it, you should to the doctor your concerns.

I still feel a bit of discomfort in your father being in with you during your psychiatric visit. It should be a private time between you and your medical doctor to discuss your needs.

I too fear your mother may be severely over medicated. Sleeping to that extent is basically a Rip Van Winkle situation... she is sleeping her life away. Psychiatric drugs are not meant to dope you into a stupor, they are meant to help you live normally.

Again, I hope your psychiatric appointment goes well!


Tee said...

Hope your appointment with the Dr. goes well. Sounds like your Mom might be a bit over medicated.

Summer said...

How did it go today?

Cheryl said...

Great title, but worrisome about your mom. You know?