Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day of Trains...

I was walking home from watching trains when my old friend and cohort, George, honked his horn at me.

"What's up white boy?" George hollered from the downed window of his Buick.

I grinned furiously as George navigated traffic and I walked on home.  It was the first time I had seen George in months and months.  I had so many questions to ask him.  Like, "Where's Ferret?" And, "Are you still drinking?"  All these questions would have to wait until some other day, though.


You can really tell it is fall by the crickets.  I have fond memories of college and typing term papers this time of year.  Fall crickets would be serenading me through an open patio door.  Each evening runs it's course by finding me and Maggie sitting on my porch as I smoke some extremely aromatic pipe tobacco.  It is a fitting end to a nice day.


I was trying to get across to my father today that my model railroad will encompass a whole bedroom. 

"You mean you have to move your bed out?" he asked.

"It means the front bedroom will be nothing but trains," I replied.

He didn't look too sure about this "plan." 

"Wait before you start building," he told me. "I want to run it by Charlie." 

That was fine by me because it will take months and months of saving funds to be able to start.  I have the grandest dreams, though, and it is fun to play with them in my head.


Rene' Morris said...

It's very good to dream big! I have huge plans for my garden next year and I've been looking into greenhouses and learning planting methods etc. I think a train room is excellent! Big plans keep you busy and your mind running.

Tee said...

I wish you could see our friend's model railroad stuff. He has a bonus room over a double garage full, I mean wall-to-wall, literally. You can't even walk around the edge, he has to step up on the platform he has all the railroad on to get to any of the stuff. In addition to the "stuff" on the platform, he has extra models stored on a wall at the entrance of the room, from floor to ceiling. It's an amazing sight to see. You would love it!!!!!

recoveryroad said...

That's a grand project. Keep us posted? I got more into music and the guitar and helped me in early recovery. Still does.

Cheryl said...

I think my basement is a cricket factory. I'd hate to think what would happen if I left the basement door open.