Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thunder on the Horizon...

There is almost a steady rumbling of thunder to our southwest.  I've watched the radar all day and our predicted 10% chance of rain was a farce.  This excites me more than anything in the world. 

I haven't done much today except sit at my hobby desk assembling and painting projects.  I love how hours can blink by in a notice as I sit and fiddle with my different model railroading cars and engines.  I am so used to seeing the pristine models from the pages of Model Railroader and the effect is hard to achieve.  That makes it all the more rewarding when a project turns out nicer than expected.

When the Vet put on Maggie's new rabies tag, he didn't take off the old one.  Now, it sounds like jingle bells wherever Maggie treads as the two aluminum tags clang together.  I've got to get that extra tag off before it drives me and Maggie crazy.   


justLacey said...

Oh I can so relate to the jingle bells! Mine always have two on because they wear a tage with their name and our phone number on it. They sell these little rubber things at Petsmart that go around the edge to cut the noise, but I always forget to buy them.

Chandira said...

My poor cat as a tag that dings all the time on her water bowl! Poor thing. I quite like it though, I can tell where she is in the house. lol

Hope you're doing ok. I love simple things like that too, it's therapy. :-)